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Welcome to our salon, where we are sure you are going to enjoy the friendly, and more over Professional services.

Since 1997, we offer high level services in co-operation with the best brands of the market.
We do understand the latest trends of the market in styling and color techniques, but we also know the different personality of each client. We will match the proper technique , for the best possible result. From extensions and haircut, styling and make-up, color and highlights, always, with respect to hair and scalp health.

Fashion Candy and fashion City.

High tech straightening treatment. One of the newest, and higher technical level treatment for straightening hair. Amazing result for every hair type, with safety, and total reconstruction of destroyed, and dehydrated hair. Pico-technology, Omega 3,6,9 which included in the product, activated by heat during application. Ingredients penetrates the hair body, without any pre shampoo help. Pico-technology corrects every freeze , dehydration, texture, and straightening. Reduces blow dry time, and the result is amazing and shinny healthy hair.

Bottox Capilar. The first hair bottox.

Bottox Capilar gives youth into your hair. Anti aging technology with the unique ingredient Bottoxina Capilar, with Botulicina. This specifique solution, activates the production of keratin, collagen and elastin from the roots till the ends. The powerful action of these ingredients, increase the hair thickness up to 20%, shine, and texture, reconstruct the dead ends, and dehydration. The results are amazing as it sounds. Total reconstruct, anti freeze, more body, texture, and shine.

About Us

George Vedouris
George Vedouris is a professional hairstylist/colorist, known for his creativity, eye for detail, fresh and flawless to hair and scalp, and his skill as a make-up artist. Born in Athens - Greece. By attaining a degree as an assistant in Medical and Biological Laboratories, he strengthened his knowledge on hair and skin health through chemistry. George has incorporated this foundation with his passion, HAIR. This allows him to become a true artist, whether enhancing natural beauty or achieving avant-garde expression, his technique is an important part of bringing up unique results. His professionalism, friendly personality, quick thinking, ability to work well under pressure, has manifested into considerable recognition in the beauty industry. George`s work has appeared nationally in magazines, shows, and t.v. He is currently the owner of George Vedouris Hair Salon in Athens since 1997.
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